Get Certified - Amber K.

Why did you decide to work towards the certificate that you have acquired?

I became an Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop CS5 during my freshman year. I earned the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification during my freshman year. I became an Adobe Certified Associate in Dreamweaver during my sophomore year.

I decided to work for my certificates to get a better understanding of the programs that I will be working with in my future career. I decided to work towards my certificates due to technology becoming a more evolved field of study within our society. I decided that I would like to be informed about the developments and programs our culture were beginning to use more frequently.

What are your career goals?

Starting in the fall of 2016, my goal is to pursue a major in sports business with a minor in visual communications at Northern Kentucky University. My career objective is to work with a professional football team after I graduate Northern Kentucky University in 2020. In sports business, I would design marketing campaign and events to increase attendance and revenue for the sports team. I would carry out this goal by using promotional tools such as: television, radio, and print media. I would like to achieve being the manager of all promotions; although, my dream career would be working my way up into the general manager position of the professional sports team.